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    The wildcats are back
    Martin Smith celebrates the return of unofficial strikes

    Hope amid the hostility
    Kevin Ovenden assesses the challenges facing anti-racists

    Dear Diane Abbott...
    Poet Michael Rosen slams New Labour's education agenda

    Beyond the crossroads
    Paul Foot and Michael Lavalette on left unity

    Religious rights
    The Bolsheviks' attitude towards Muslims, by Dave Crouch

    Paris on my mind
    Gill Hubbard reports back from the European Social Forum

    They took the high road
    Historian Neil Davidson on the Scottish Revolution

    All I want for Xmas
    Contributors' books of the year

    The Walrus
    The Walrus on the 'call centre exodus'
    Letter from the US
    Mike Davis on a covered-up war crime in Vietnam
    Thinking it through
    Chris Harman relates the history of autonomism
    Stack on the back
    Pat Stack, There's something of the right about Michael Howard


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